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About Us

Bliss Essentials offer healing & therapeutic crystal infused Essentials Oil products such as Body Mist, Botanical Roll On’s, Herbal Bath Salts, Tranquility Eye Pillows, Magnesium Massage Oils, Funky Heat Packs, Clay Facial Masks, Essential Oil Blends & Diffusers and gorgeous Gift Boxes. We love our products and we hope you will too.  Our main objective is to make you feel good.
All the blending and diluting of Essential Oils is prepared for you so you can safely apply the blends directly to your skin. Elevate your senses with uplifting citrusy blends or soothe and calm nervous tension with more earthy, grounding fusions. Bliss Essentials products are 100% natural, vegan friendly, cruelty free and hand created in Melbourne, Australia. Our raw ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced from Australian suppliers.
Bliss Essentials is the brainchild of Annalisa. She is a Reiki & Energy Healer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Aromatherapist and Massage Therapist. Annalisa has been using Aromatherapy most of her life on family, friends and clients. She has only recently decided to make her special blends available to the public. Annalisa personally makes every blend channeling light, love and best intentions into each and every product.