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Transcend Box

  • $74.95

The perfect relaxation treatment begins and ends with this exclusive Gift Box.  Indulge, delight & surprise someone special with this beautiful gift pack, filled with lush products, divine scents, and heavenly packaging.  Each delightful product will indulge their senses and lift their spirits for weeks to come! 

This Gift Box contains a beautifully scented Tranquility Eye Pillow,  Aromatherapy Mist of your Choice and an Aromatherapy Roll On of your choice.

Quiet your mind and deepen relaxation with this luxurious Aromatherapy Eye Pillow. This eye pillow is lightly scented, filled with a calming blend of earthy organic flaxseed, dried lavender blossoms and dried Chamomile flowers. Use the pillow to help calm the mind while subtly adding weight over the eyes and blocking out light. Our eye pillows are a great tool to enhance meditation, Shavasana, relaxation or just to help encourage sleep.

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